Electric Knife Sharpener Kitchen - Two Stages Diamond Knife

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Electric Knife Sharpener Kitchen - Two Stages Diamond Kitchen Knife 2 Slot

  • Triple Technology
  • Rotating speed:2000/per min
  • EU Plug
  • Noise monitoring
  • Power off: 57.3 decibel Power on, not working: 67 decibel Power on, working: 78.7 decibel

Operation Guidance

  • 1:Connect the charger to the machine, power up
  • 2: Put the blade into the notch and pull it backwards in uniformed speed, please note once the blade in the notch you need to move, do not wait
  • 3: Once finshed one size, change to the other side and sharpening again


  • Power off, Rotate the sharpening part clockwise and pull it out. Take off the plastic shells between the notches, pour out the dust. then fix back the part to the machine anti-clockwise


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