Universal No Escape Cat Harness & Leash

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Secure Your Kitty for a Walk! 

Enjoy a wonderful walk with your lovely cat with our adjustable vest harness that will easily control your curious cat on your next exploration mission.


Specially designed for cats walking outdoors. Each cat harness is equipped with a 5 FT leash, so you can go out for a walk with your cat without worrying about losing your baby.

 Made with breathable mesh materials that are easy to wash and doesn't allow cats to overheat. They can enjoy a nice stroll on a hot summer day.

 ✅ Safe Walking Outdoors

Comfortable to Wear

✅ Fully Adjustable

✅ Breathable Materials - No Overheating

✅ No Escape Cat Harness!

 This cat harness has a safety buckle on the neck and chest (the buckle is easy to operate, can be quickly closed and held firmly, while preventing pets from escaping.)

 In addition, this cat harness adds 360-degree reflective design , which can work perfectly in a dim environment, making the cat safer when walking at night.

This cat harness is made of mesh fabric, which is soft and breathable, suitable for all seasons. There is no sense of restraint when wearing pets. At the same time, the wide-range adjustable design is our ingenuity.


We have improved the limited adjustment of the ordinary cat harness and replaced it with a 360° adjustable nylon strap, which can achieve the maximum adjustment and the minimum adjustment within a certain range, so cats will wear more comfortably.


When you want to walk with your cat, buckle the leash on the metal D ring of the cat harness to avoid uncontrolled running of the cats.


Each leash is equipped with a 360° rotatable swivel hook, allowing your kitten to explore nature freely, safely and happily. You can use it also for hiking, travel, training, have a picnics and other activities with your furry friend.

This easy-to-wear safety harness is easy to install and remove, with safety buckle and fully adjustable strap on the chest. So your cat won't feel any pressure at all on the neck and can enjoy a nice walk without feeling choked.

 Don't miss out on experiencing a nice & memorable, amazing walk with your cat. Whether you’re taking your cat for a walk around the block or just out in the backyard, This is the product for you. Giving you a safe, pain-free way to walk your furry little buddy!   

Item Type: Vests
Season: All seasons
Type: cats
Cat Harness Set: Adjustable Reflective Vest
Kitten Cats Harness: Walking Outdoor Safety Jacket

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