Mobile Phone Holder Stand in Car

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Mobile Phone Holder Stand in Car
The Mobile Phone Holder Stand in Car latches on to just about anything with a flat surface. It's the perfect mount with the flexibility of being put in several places in your car or home. No glue, no stick, JUST CLIP!

360° adjustable rotation
Firm Grip that holds firmly to your surface
Fast & Easy to use
Universal phone compatibility
Long Lasting and ultra-durable material
Award Winning design

Full-Range Motion
Mobile Phone Holder Stand has a ball-in-socket style mount that allows you to turn it and spin it in practically any direction. It's a real life saver as you'll probably be twisting and turning it more than you think.

  • Turns in 360° motion
  • Change to Landscape or Portrait with ease
  • Fold the screen back to hide it from your sight

Easy To Clamp, Not Easy to Break
Mobile Phone Holder Stand has a strong and ultra-durable ABS plastic that is hard to break. It makes it so this clip can be used over and over again without worry.
The clip is a genius mechanism that allows you to latch on to all types of flat surfaces in your car or your home.

  • Fits Almost Any Phone
  • The universal car phone mount fits almost any phone size from 3-7 inches which pretty much captures all phones. It's easy one-hand accessible phone clip makes it easy to insert your mobile phone.
  • Easy one-handed access to clip your phone.
  • Fits phones from 3-7 inches
  • Holds phone safely and does not scratch it

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